Folders for tables

Hello database fellas. First of all, thank you for really great software.

I want to ask fellow devs for specific feature, that will really ease life of many-many simple guys like me trying to structure their work/personal stuff.

That is, folders for tables, exactly. I know that it’s taking really, really much time for such start-ups to develop new features, but I think that exactly this feature won’t be so time-consuming, and it’s impact it will be REALLY HIGH, so it’s ICE Score will be unimaginable.

Why: the main disadvantage of your system for me (but, I know for sure, for many others also, even if they are not aware) is disability to create links from table A1 from database A to table B1 to database B. I know that it’s hard-coded into database substance itself, so, righto, exactly folders might give me this flexibility of database-to-database links without need to rewrite your core code. I think that it’s might be solved relatively easy, keeping in mind that it’s totally UI-relevant problem.

This feature killerness is based upon my personal problem with your system: I found myself with giga-bubbles of tables under one database they belong to, simply because I needed all these tables to be linked to each other.

It’s becoming really annoying to find exact table I need even when their quantity is above 20. I know you can tell me “Simply put them into another database, kiddo”, but the thing is I need to have an option to link different items to each other, because this demand has dynamic nature. It might happen that only 1/100 of rows should have a link to another table. I think you understand scenarios.

So, this is my simple solution to simple problem! You can take it for free, such as you’re giving for free your great product. Good luck, Database Seekers, and keep your minds calm.

PS Maybe there is some workaround, requiring some programming skills, but I’m no coder. Maybe there are workarounds with adding a single-select field with a name of table/item from table from another DB, but it’s really stupid, since the whole issue of dynamic, self-updating system will be missed.

I think this was asked before. @olgatrykush gave an answer to that.

I changed your topic title so it is clear what the topic is about.

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Do I understand it correctly that you are mainly looking at a way to organize your tables within one database? We have had this request before and so I think this will be addressed at some point.

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“duplicate and move tables between databases”
It’s useful feature, but it’s not about links.

“As for linking tables from other databases, we don’t have these plans yet, but this may change.”

I was aware of that, that’s why I’m proposing easier (for devs) workaround.

Correct, that’s my delicate request.

Hey-hey @florian! We have this feature in our plans but it’s not a priority one. As @petrs mentioned, we’ve already received a few requests to build folders, so we will try not tight with it. I’ll keep you posted!

I’m not sure if folders are the right approach but some way to better manage the UI with a high amount of tables would be useful. I’m concerned about the scalability of a simple list and needing lots of scrolling to find tables.

I’ve used outliners for years (WorkFlowy, Dynalist, Logseq) and their tree organisation makes things easy to find. As long as you can have as many nested folders as you want then I think this should be good for organisation.


Hey @Teferi! That’s a good point! We haven’t decided on the logic of this feature yet, so will definitely take into account your suggestion, thanks :raised_hands:

I like that idea.

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Hey there! I have great news for you guys @florian, @Teferi, @Peter — we’re going to do our best to release sections/folders for tables and views in Baserow 1.12. Here is the link to GitLab to track the progress: Folders for views/tables.

We will also keep in mind all your suggestions and ideas when we will decide on the logic of the feature, thanks a lot for all your input :blue_heart: