Form -- 500 internal error on submit, when form contains field that is referenced in a formula field

When submitting a form I get the errors above. The data is still submitted to the table, seemingly correctly. But the browser is still returning the error.

I noticed a pattern while troubleshooting. When I’m using any form and I’m submitting a Single-Select-Field in that form and that Single-Select-Field is referenced in a Formula field in the table, I get the errors above.

(images below as reference)

When field “w_4” is in a form, and referenced by “w4”, and that form is submitted, I get the error.

If I remove the reference to “w_4” from “w4”, I can submit the form without error.

Could be related to: A formula field referencing a single select fields breaks the link row value modal (#1111) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab