Form as a Booking Calendar

This would be useful for both the database and the application builder.

I want users to be able to create, modify or cancel an appointment in an appointment database without having to use an external booking tool such as Calendly.

Does my request make sense?

In fact, this would make it possible to book slots more intuitively than with a linear form where it is impossible to see which slots are available.

It would mean being able to define availability ranges and special prohibition/authorisation rules, so it may be complicated but it would solve some of my problems.

That sounds very interesting, @bastien! Let me discuss it with the team. :ok_hand:

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Hey @bastien, the team loved your idea, and we’ve accepted it. However, before we can start working on it, we need to add this feature: Allow calendar view cards to span multiple days (#1892) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

Here is the issue:

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Thank you for considering it.

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