Form description value substitution?

Hi folks,

I’m building a Form from a Baserow table.

In the form, I’d like to substitute a value into an input’s description field.

For example, I’d like to design a description to read like so:
'For any questions, email me at <some_field_value>`

(The use case is for each form user to have a custom email to correspond with me at. I can pre-populate the database with this value so, when the form is accessed, the form could pull it from the database.)

I’m using a workflow service (n8n) with Baserow, so if there’s other ideas on how to customize the description field with that, I’d be open to that as well.

Any thoughts?

Hi @joshavant, I believe this is not possible at the moment.

You can consider using the “Redirect to URL” feature. So after a form is sent, you can land the user on your own page (with different id) and show the email address on that page, perhaps generated based on that id?