Form redirect based on form input?

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I need to redirect my users to a payment page in Stripe after they submit their forms.

To calculate the price and link the right submission to the right purchase, I’d like to carry over details from their submissions like their email and the number of products they selected (via the linked field record picker).

I am not finding how to use the submitted information in the dynamic redirect. Can someone please tell me how to do it? Or is there a workaround?

Thank you!

Hi gabrielle,

If you navigate to a custom url, you should be able to construct the stripe url and attach information from one or multiple data sources.

Thank you @frederikdc.
I am afraid my question was not clear enough.
In the database form view (not the app builder), I have the option redirect a user to a page when the form is completed.
My Stripe URL for the page to redirect to needs variables that come from the submitted form.
For example, in the form, the user selected 3 products from the record picker: Product A, Product B and Product C plus they submitted their email.
I’d like to add the number of selected products (3) and the email submitted in the Stripe URL for the redirect at completion. Probably useful to note that my “to-be” users are not logged in and don’t have an account yet (they will once they have paid via Stripe) so I wouldn’t be able to access the User parameters you included in your example.
I don’t understand how to access those values, what am I missing?

Btw, I’d love to do that directly in the app builder but until the record picker and date picker are available, it’s not an option for my usecase.


I’m afraid that this is not possible directly from the database form view. The only option you have is to redirect to a url that involves the id of the new generated row.

So, one possible work-around is to create a page with the application builder and redirect the form to that page with the id of the new generated row as a parameter. On the page, you create a data source that gets the record based on the parameter and show the details on the page, so that the user can doube-check everything.

On that same page, you provide a button that forwards the user to stripe by constructing the url based on the data in the data source.

Thank you for your reply. I will try building several forms using the row ID to associate the data to the same submission. I’ll report back here with what I manage to do.