Form redirection improvement

As a developer, I’m oftently using the form feature (awesome one by the way, slick and efficient :clap: ) for building small feedback forms or for expenses reports.

When the responder click on the “submit” button, we currently have two possibilities : show a message or redirect to a specific URL. As shown below, Baserow can interpolate a {row_id} if provided in the URL.

I see small improvements that can be done here :

  • a very common link I redirect to is the view of the entered row in the Grid view. It would be great to have a button “Redirect to Grid view” directly available, avoiding for the creator of the form to jump out, recover the URL, then jump back and fill it
  • the “Show message” and “Redirect to URL” are exclusive : it could be interesting to show a message before redirecting to a specific URL


  • The current system is crystal clear, adding buttons could clutter the interface
  • The second need (show message AND redirect) may not be shared among the community
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Thanks for sharing your feedback @dynnammo, let me discuss your suggestions with the team :slightly_smiling_face: