Form - some ideas and feature requests

Would it be possible to set the form to be reloaded again after the previous one (filled) was submitted?
I tried to use the “Redirect to URL” and put the URL of the form (that one generated as a link by Share form function) but it does not work. Can it be because I am using only http (so not the https) link with a local IP, port etc? I am working with baserow only on a local network and not via domain name.

Also it would be great regular database user (member) could easily switch between database and form to fill-in. I thought it will be hidden somewhere under View menu, but there is possible only to edit the form, not fill it.

Hey @marcus, “Redirect to URL” works as expected for me. I’ll check your issue with the team.

Could you please provide more information or further explanation on this? I’m not entirely sure what this request is about. Thank you!

I mean let’s say I want provide to member of my database to add data to my table via the form, not only via standard way (having the table opened and filling it), and also want to give him the option to switch from form to the table (for global overview or finetuning already added data/rows) and back again to the form to continue filling data via form.
Is it more clear?

Thank you @marcus for explaining. I will talk to the team about the idea.

Hey @marcus, I’ve discussed this idea with the team, and we think that your issue can be easily fixed by either having two tabs open (one with a form and the other with a grid view), or you can also add/edit rows to the grid view directly, even though there is a form connected.

Do you still have any issues with the redirect to URL feature?