Form won't submit

Hello everyone,

I recently started to work on Baserow wich is a really great tool !

I’ve encountered an issue with a pretty simple form that won’t submit, and I can’t find the reason why.

When I click on submit, I get the loading symbol for a while (screenshot 1), and then a error message (screenshot 2).

Sorry it’s in French but I don’t think it really matters

It would be superhelpful if someone could tell me where to look !

Best regards !

Bonjour Anatole,

Can you check with your browser inspector what happens when submitting the form? You can open the inspector in Google Chrome by right clicking, and selecting Inspect at the bottom. Next, choose the tab Network (it is normally the 4th one)

In my case, I see that the submission was a succes (code 200). You will probably see a code starting with 4 or 5

I you click on the submit/ on the line where you also see xhr, you can have more details of what was going wrong. Can you share the error message?

Thanks for the quick reply @frederikdc !

I received this really kind message from @bram which explains where the problem is coming from.

I am just starting implementing Baserow as a tool for handling a contact database, and I’m not a pro in this area so maybe I’m overcomplicating things.

I’ll try to update this issue when solved

@Anatole, based on the logs I’ve seen, and the problems that I have identified, I didn’t seem like you’re doing anything out of the ordinary. There is a performance bug in Baserow where if you have many formulas, with many dependencies to other fields, it’s going to do many unnecessary things in the background, which causes your row create / form submissions to timeout. I’m working on a fix as we speak, and I expect to have it solved somewhere tomorrow, Wednesday latest. I’ll keep you posted.

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[Issue solved]

@bram informed me that the planned perfomance fix is now up and running. The fix seems to be effective: the form is working as it should!


That’s correct. Several performance improvements have been deployed to yesterday. The same ones will be included in the release half of December. It will make creating, updating and deleting rows with many field dependencies much faster, and also snapshots and duplications are going to be faster.

hi @bram , does it mean that also the BASEROW_PERIODIC_FIELD_UPDATE_CRONTAB parameter will be improved/optimized in terms of performance, or should I keep it in my Docker container environment even after the December baserow update? I have two formulas with date counting, so I have set the “0 8 * * *” value for them - to eliminate permanent read/write operations.

Hi @marcus, nothing as changed with the periodic field updates.

OK, then I will keep it in my environment to avoid potential performance degradation and HDD stressing.