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Describe the problem

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish. I can get this working in airtable but running into a snag when I want to replicate in baserow.

Let’s say I have the following tables: Main, category, type, color

Now, in the main table, I have multiple fields including two “link to table” for the category, type and color

When building a form, I want “color” to be only visible when “type” is not empty, which works fine with the condititions. However, I also want type to only be visible if category has a specific value. And this is where I’m confused, category does not show up in the dropdown list to select it

Now, if I make category a part of the main table, no issues, but that removes the flexibility I’m looking for.

any help would be appreciated.


I’m going to leave the post here in case anyone else run into this.

I removed the linked columns in my table and recreated them the same way and now things are working as they should.

Hello @cloutiers
Nice to meet you.
Have you tried to create new rows via api?

I am trying to create new rows via api, but sometimes, I get 500 internal server error.
See this link below and let me know whether you have had similar issues like me or not.

Thank you.