Formula editor freezing: Have to copy & paste for formulas from text editor because Baserow editor freezes

Love the formula feature and the design is cool for creating a helper dropdown but the default, guided entry system keeps getting stuck and not allowing me to edit the formula. I have had to resort to writing the formula in my code editor outside Baserow and then selecting all inside the formula entry form and pasting my the text from my code editor to get it behave. Anyone else experiencing this?

UPDATE: I think this actually might have something to do with a conflict with one of my chrome plugins because when I tried again inside incognito it seemed to work okay!

Hey @bfranklin :slight_smile:

Were you able to find out which plugin might have caused this issue?

If you aren’t sure which one exactly but you might know multiple that could be the one feel free to list them here.

Could be useful for other users if it’s a popular plugin!