Formula generated date keeps getting re-evaluated everyday

I have a formula field with the following:


This was working fine in December when I created it and has been untouched until I returned from the holidays. When I revisited the table on January 2nd, all the dates had changed to 1/2/2024. I thought maybe something triggered the formula to re-evaluate but not sure what. Then I found the date keeps updated for the next two days, now every field is 1/4/2024.

This is a private table that no one else can get to and I have only opened it for viewing. The Active field is a check box and also has not changed based on the history, so what is triggering the formula to recalculate everyday?

Hi @brchan, datetime formulas that refer to the current time get updated regularly so that the date is correct. In your case today() will always refer to “today”. If you want to have a specific date there you will need to hard code it or refer to a date field where you set your date only when you want it to change.