Formula 'join'' two text fields


atm testing the functionality of baserow - looking good sofar :slight_smile: - but ran into some formula troube:

Having one table, one field surname, one filed name - in this case let’s say “max” and “sample”
A third field holds the following formular:
join(field(“surname”), field(“name”))
I was hoping to get a result like:

‘maxsample’ (or even better ‘max sample’)

But it only gives me the surname. (=> max )

The formular helper popup is a good idea but prevents me from editing any formula after initial selection/save. I cannot delete parts of a formular or adjust them.
Workaround is atm to write all formular in a notepad and copy&paste them over, hoping that no future adjustment ist needed. Otherwise the only way is to delete the whole column and start over (using fIrefox here).

Any help on how to proceed here?

*edit: typo

Hello @ArgH! First of all, welcome to Baserow :wave:

In order to join together the text arguments into a single text value, you should use the Concat function. Please check the example below!


:point_up: Use ' ' to make spaces between words.


We know that currently, the formula field search is case-sensitive, and there are also some problems with editing values. We’re going to present a bunch of formula updates in Baserow 1.11, so a lot of bugs will disappear very soon :raised_hands:

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:slight_smile: thanks for the info.

just in case this didn’t pop up already - It’s the backspace, that’s not working in the formular helper popup - as I figured out just now. Adding text works.

Selecting (a part of) the formular with the mouse and then deleting it with rmb->delete works just fine.

Hm, I’ve encountered exactly the bug you’ve described before but could never reproduce it. Also turning off browser extensions always seemed to fix it for me, could you check in a private browser window if you have the same backspace problems?

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Tried to reproduce it, and it’s gone now :slight_smile:
ATM all is working as it should.

Maybe a browser cache issue? If it happens again, I’ll post more details here.

Thanks for the help.

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