Formula replace multiple values

It would be nice to improve the replace function in order to replace multiple values in one formula.
This works : replace(field('commerceNoteBati_1'), "2", "Passable")
Bus this doesn’t : replace(field('commerceNoteBati_1'), "1", "Mauvais","2", "Passable","3", "Moyen","4", "Bien","5", "Excellent" )

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Hm, not sure there are any other spreadsheet tools whose replace function works this way and so I’m a bit worried it’ll be surprising for users. I think generally you are forced to just nest the replaces over and over which I do think is slightly more readable at the expense of being more verbose.

E.g if someone saw replace(field('a'), '1', 'b', 'yyy', 'xxx') and was familiar with other spreadsheet tools I think they might be confused as to what the extra arguments are doing. Compared with
replace(replace(field('a'), '1', 'b'), 'yyy', 'xxx') which I think is very clear.

Am I missing something here perhaps?