Formula to convert rich text markdown to html

As Baserow rich text field uses markdown, I’d like to have this into html format for my cms to work.
I’ve tried some very basic things with the AI generator, but it’s not really working.
Anyone any idea?

I understand I could use the AI prompt. Which I did. But that’s clicking each row one by one. Plus it’s giving inconsistent results. I’d rather have a formula.

Hey @360Creators, AI field should work better for this case, and you can select multiple rows (up to 200 rows) and generate values for all the selected ones simultaneously:

I’ve tried the AI field with the 4.0 turbo AI model, and here are the results I got:

3.5 turbo model indeed doesn’t work for this task, unfortunately. If you want to use your own OpenAI API key with a different model, here’s how to configure API keys.

Thank you!

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