Formulas with Data in Several Tables

I am using the Cloud version of Baserow. I’m trying to work out how I can create simple count formulas like Excel. My scenario:

  • Applicant Tracking System with Geographical Location
  • Status of Application Column
  • Geographical Location (dropdown) Column

I want to be able to add a new table called ‘Analytics’ and create a list of Geographical Locations e.g. Cluster 1, Cluster 2 and Cluster 3 etc. then next to it I want to create Columns for Status - e.g. Email Sent, Date Confirmed, Interview Status, Offer Status. The idea is I can then track how many applications are in each Cluster and how many are at each status.

I have created a Cluster table to append my Dashboard (which contains all my data) and I’ve assigned a cluster to each applicant so when I go to my Cluster table it shows current Candidates next to each Cluster and I’ve added a Count column which lists current count of applications but I would like to take this a step further so I can show what level of the pipeline they are at.

Any ideas? If I can’t do it via separate tables I’m happy to go for a method where I do it as a view?


Instead of using a single select field for the status, you can store them in a separate table. With this structure you can assign a status to a cluster through a linked field. This also allows you to count the number of times the status is used.

I don’t know the exact structure of your database, but it is possible that you need to use the filter() function to limit the count to a certain value.