Forum updates, integration with Make, sneak peek to the Baserow swag — check the latest community updates 🔦


Can’t believe it’s already November, and it’s my 8th month at Baserow :scream: What is your feeling about the community, do you see some improvements? What should I focus on more? Tell me your honest feedback here in the comments or in DMs :pray:

In our good tradition, today I want to share another round-up of all the happenings at Baserow:

Baserow 1.13

Recently we have made the release of Baserow 1.13 and introduced two new security features as a part of Baserow Enterprise: Role-Based Access Control and Single Sign-On. All the details are described in this blog post.

To make it clear: RBAC and SSO are available as Enterprise features, and to get them you need to reach out to our sales via the contact sales form at the top of the website. SAAS users can access RBAC by having the Advanced plan: Pricing // Baserow :raised_hands:

New Baserow roadmap

A new roadmap is coming, yay! Do your part, and help us decide which features to build in the next milestones by submitting a short survey :point_right:

P.S. Be aware, all the Feature Ideas shared here will be taken into account, that’s 100%. With the survey, we want you to help us prioritize what to build first.

Forum housekeeping

We hope you noticed it! We introduced some changes to the Baserow forum :broom: and added the navigation cards to the top of the page, so now it is easier for you to navigate between important information. Do you like the new block?

We also created a new category: Get started with the Baserow community, where we added some materials for newcomers — what are the first steps to take, the community FAQ, and how to use the Discourse forum.

More changes to come, stay tuned!

Open Source Experience

This week, the Baserow team was at the Open Source Experience in Paris, meeting with 4,500+ open source community folks. The event was very insightful for us, we were happy to network and talk to open source enthusiasts to better understand if our positioning and value proposition are aligned with the needs and expectations of our users.

Here are some pictures for you to feel the vibe of the offline event and see the Baserow team :eyes:

New integration: Baserow x @Make!

We know this integration was very awaited by you, so we are extremely happy to announce its launch. Check it out!

Make (formerly Integromat) is an automation platform that integrates with over 1000 apps including Baserow now. It allows you to visually create, build, and automate workflows.

Baserow swag

Exclusively for you guys, here is the Baserow swag sneak peek:

Want to get our goodies, and, in return, show us what are you building with Baserow? :eyes:

  • Yes!
  • No!

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Last but not least! Here are some useful resources for you to check:

Product Demo of Baserow with our co-founders @bram and Olivier Maes:

How to transform any Spreadsheet into a Database!:

How to Migrate from Airtable to Baserow in one Click:

For Portuguese-speaking users:

Creating Grid view — stock app on Kodular with Baserow: and

How to create a chatbot with WhatsApp Cloud, official API of Meta, n8n and Baserow:

Dear community, don’t stay silent! Hit the ‘New topic’ button and talk to us: we love to know what you like, what you lack, and what you hate about Baserow, as well as help you with all your challenges.

Have a great weekend, and talk to you all later :blue_heart:

Warm wishes,


The community is great and you are doing a great job. It is a little bit quiet but that could also mean most people don’t run into any problems. :grinning:

I must say that it takes up a lot of space on my screen. It would be good if you could dismiss it after you have seen it on a daily basis.

I always like goodies, :crazy_face: but at the moment I don’t have much to show for then the things I already made. Little progress but Baserow is still running very stable after all that time.

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Hey-hey @Peter, glad to hear back from you!

Hope so :sweat_smile:

Oh! The cards look quite compact to me. Can you send me a picture of how it looks for you as well as the sizing of your screen?

You showed us your support a lot of times, and you help us to moderate the forum — there is definitely one swag pack prepared for you. I’ll DM you soon with some news :wink:

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Just to contribute to the cards on our community, here’s how it looks for me (estimating around 40% of the viewport height):

I agree with the cards, on mobile they really bad. Everything else looks solid, congratulations on 8 months as well :raised_hands:

Hey-hey @hiram and @joffcom, got you guys! Thanks for the feedback, we will make cards smaller :raised_hands:

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