FOSDEM 2024 is coming

It is still a long time until the next FOSDEM in February 2024. FOSDEM24 - Home

But the call for stands and devrooms is already online.

If everything goes alright there will be a 2 day FOSS Educational Programming Languages devroom with a lot of interesting presentations. We also will have a 2 day activities room where children can take their first steps in the programming world with the help of CoderDojo mentors from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Will some of you be visiting FOSDEM?

Hey @Peter, cool, thanks for the reminder. I think you were a mentor or led a devroom last year, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

Pinging @HiramFromTheChi here to check this out, and I’ll also share it with the marketing team so we can discuss this opportunity. :ok_hand:

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Hey @Peter, thanks for putting FOSSDEM on everyone’s radar. Given the physical location of it, tagging @omaes72 to take a look. :+1:

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Yes, I was a devroom manager.

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Awesome, will you be a devroom manager again this year?

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Thxs @Peter . We´ll try to get a stand at FOSSDEM. It is a good event for opensource users and is well respected in the community.

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Yes, I will be a devroom manager again next year.

FOSDEM 2024 was great. We had 2 devrooms. One for educational programming languages and one that was called FOSDEM junior.

In the last one, we organized workshops for children in collaboration with CoderDojo and FOSDEM. It was great. I am still a little bit on a high from the experience. Several workshops were completely filled with 30 children and their parents.

Developers that did the workshop liked it very much and want to come back next year. Afterwards we had talks with developers for hours about idea’s for next year. They all want to come back and do it again. Some that didn’t do workshops opted to do that also next year.

At the end, they asked it I would do a little talk about FOSDEM junior in front of several thousand developers and visitors of FOSDEM. Here you can see me with my son, who is a software developer, on stage.

Baserow should definitely be there next year. :wink:

This is amazing, @Peter! I’m so happy to see the success of your devroom. I’ve heard some team discussions about FOSDEM 2025, so hopefully, we’ll get a chance to be a part of it next year, finally. :slightly_smiling_face:

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