Founder Chat: What is the Baserow marketing focus?

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After a short break, we’re back with the Founder Chat initiative. Today’s focus is marketing at Baserow. We received two interesting questions from @dynnammo, and @omaes72, our co-founder and CRO, is ready to answer them.

Olivier, what can you share about these questions?

  1. Do you have plans to develop communication (booth at tech events, marketing, video tutorials) in order to have more companies/individuals using Baserow?
  2. Do you plan to become more customer-centric in your business? Baserow is primarily a developer company, with its first employees hired for this purpose. However, do you intend to develop a commercial strategy to promote its use in companies, organizations, public institutions, etc.?

:point_right: Thank you @dynnammo for asking these great questions. Everyone is welcome to submit questions for future weeks here.

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Thank you for these 2 important questions. They are definitely on top of mind for Baserow.

  1. We focus on a few main marketing activities:
  • Content marketing: We have written about 150 blog posts so far. These posts cover a variety of topics, and besides being valuable to users and prospects, they ensure Baserow is being found through search engines organically.
  • Events: We have attended several events like NoCode Summit in Paris, Open Source Experience, and others. We’ll continue to focus on selected events where we can meet our targeted audience. This will be a mix of events like the NoCode Summit in Paris but also smaller, more focused events where Innovation and IT decision makers come together around the topic of no-code/low-code.
  • Baserow Academy: We plan to launch our own academy for users to learn how powerful Baserow can be.
  • Baserow Ambassador program: We’ll launch a program for individuals who want to become an ambassador in their country. We’ll support them with a budget, marketing, early access to features, etc. to help them organize meetups or create local videos for their communities.
  • Webinar: We’ll continue with our webinar series for beginners and also launch an advanced masterclass series for experienced users to learn about more advanced features and integration with other no code tools.
  1. Great question! Yes, we are moving to more customer-centric enablement, all the while remaining a product-led company. That means we will:
  • Build solutions templates for specific use cases (e.g., recruitment, product management, support tickets, etc.). These solutions will have a frontend (built with our Application Builder module) and a Database (Baserow). That way, new users will much faster see the answer to their specific process flow requirements.
  • Case studies: We gather information from our users about the process they are digitalizing with Baserow. We then write a blog post about it and use it to inspire similar companies to replicate that solution.
  • Partner program: We are currently recruiting digital agencies who can help our users from process design to implementation. That means, using Baserow and other tools, integrating and ensuring a full solution is delivered.
  • Website: We have built department pages that talk the language of the customer, not only the product language.
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