Front end software for baserow templates


I am not a programmer at all. I have basic HTML understanding.
Currently i am using Airtable and Softr. They are 2 different companies which happen to work together pretty good.
I already spent sometime on selfhosted Budibase and was able to create APPS which have login/frontend forms for employees/Backend for admins

Now i was finally able to install Baserow and i saw a pretty good list of templates.
I was wondering as to what frontend(for user/semployees) options are present on the web other than Zapier and appsmith. Can softr be used ?

You could also use something like Bubble to build out your frontend.
You would need to use the Bubble’s API Connector to connect up Baserow and your Bubble app.

Basically any no-coder builder out there (and there are a ton) which support the REST API would be compatible with Baserow.

@Harsh thanks for sharing your suggestions :heart_hands:

I would also advise you to check out this discussion: Softr but for Baserow?.