Softr but for Baserow?

Hi there

We are longtime Airtable users who came up against the row limits of Airtable, and so have recently made the move to shift our backend to Baserow.

Migrating the data has been fine but we are now looking for a replacement for Softr, which we use to build internal and external apps off our Airtable data. There is some talk about integrating Baserow as well but I’m not confident it will happen anytime soon.

Would like to ask the community what options are out there in terms of a Softr-like no-code tool that allows us to build using Baserow as a backend?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @yeehung, first of all, thanks for joining the Baserow community!

As for now, we can advise you to check WeWeb, they have an open API so you can easily connect it with Baserow.

We also have @0xJJW in the community who has worked with WeWeb + Baserow. Joel, can you please share your feedback on using WeWeb to build apps with Baserow as a backend?


Checked them out, looks great! From the Integrations page there doesn’t seem to be a native integration with Baserow so I guess we’ll need to integrate via REST API?

That’s true, we don’t have a native integration with WeWeb, but you can connect the tools via API.

Thanks for the mention @olgatrykush

Hello, @yeehung and welcome to the BaseRow community. As Olga mentioned, I build Web applications using BaseRow, WeWeb & Webflow.

There are a couple of things to note when using BaseRow and WeWeb.

When connecting via the WeWeb REST API connector, you must enable “Request on server” to ensure your BaseRow API keys are not exposed.

Secondly, you can only protect content at the page level; you will not be able to have row-level security.

If you are looking for advanced features such as:

Row-level security

e.g. Only let users edit records linked to their user id or group

Ability to chain requests (without exposing data to the browser/ client)

e.g. If you have a Users, Plans and Records table, it’s common to get the plan for the logged-in user and then perform an action on the Records table if a specific condition is met.

If you require the features above, you will need a server that acts as the middleware between the user’s browser and Baserow.

There are a couple of solutions which you could use.

  • Alphi (No-code Middleware)
  • Make (No-code Automation Builder)
  • Pipedream (Low-code Solution)

Full disclosure I am the co-founder of Alphi. Alphi is a no-code backend/ middleware built to solve the issue of connecting a frontend like WeWeb or Webflow to any API or database like BaseRow. (BaseRow integration)

If you would like to hop on a call to go over your requirements in more detail, I would be happy to help.

Happy building,


Hi Joel,

Thanks very much for the comprehensive reply!

I have checked out WeWeb and Alphi and our team is now getting their hands dirty with it. Will get back to you on Alphi but it sounds like what we need - and obviously always nice to be able to reach out to the founder directly :slight_smile:


That sounds great, I hope to hear from you.

Have an excellent week.

Hi Joel,

I think we’ve done enough research to go ahead, will drop you a DM!

Hey, Q from WeWeb here :wave:

Digging this topic back from the grave (sorry for this). But I wanted to tell you all that a native Baserow integration is on the works on our side.

It should be in production before the end of this year :wink:


That’s awesome, @quentin-weweb

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I’m trying to connect WeWeb and Baserow, but I get a 401 error. I entered the token in different ways, but no change.
@0xJJW I’m not quite sure where to enable “Request on server”.
Could you please explain it in more detail?

@Bigteo : Try to replace the word “Bearer” with “Token”. So the header looks like this:

“Authorization”: “Token XXX”

Error 401. Didn’t help.

I figured it out. Missed a space after “Token”. The devil is in the details :slight_smile:

Hello @quentin-weweb,

I would like to know about any updates regarding Baserow integration in Weweb.

Thank you for your update.