Gallery Sorting not applied when shared or embedded

I have found a small but annoying bug with the Gallery. If you share or embed the gallery it does not apply the sorting that is set.
So in the Baserow website it sorts as expected…

But in a share or embed of that gallery the sorting is not applied, unless you go and click on the sort option you want.

The sort appears to be set, but is not applied.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @DataGecko, thanks for reporting this. It seems to be a bug. We’re waiting for the dev team to check and confirm. We’ll keep you posted. :raised_hands:

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This is indeed a bug. We created an issue to solve this:

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I have found another issue which seems to be related to embedded applications. I can log into the application fine directly at the apps but the embed of this site into my Google Sites website has stopped working as of a day or two ago. It was fine before that, so I guess its related to the latest release?
The login process seems to work, but a display of the user variables shows they are not being set.

Thanks for all the hard work you put into each release. Liking the latest updates!

Could you try to republish your application then try to login again and tell me if it changes something?

If it doesn’t could you clean your cookies for the version and let me know if it has any effect?