Gallery view text truncated. Any way to see it or expand it?

Hi All, in my data I have some text fields that are around 50 words long. When I use the gallery view, the text in this fields is truncated (you can only see the first few words). Is there any way to see the complete text in each field in the gallery view? Or perhaps a way to customize the default le get if text per field visible?


As far as I know you can not customise the height of the cards neither can you customise the height of individual fields within the card.

Maybe this could be a feature request if the team agrees that we want to implement that?

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Yeah, I mean more than customization it would be about being capable of seeing the information in the cards I guess. I guess I would ask then this as a feature of it does not exist :). Thanks!

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Hello @shaping-horizons, the problem is that the cards in the Gallery view must be equal in height. But we understand your concerns, and we will brainstorm on what can be done in order to make it possible to see all text in cards.

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I see @olgatrykush , not sure how challenging would be to code but what about simply that the text appears on top of the card when someone scrolls over the field?

javascript: (function () {var test = document.querySelectorAll('.card-text');[], function(div) { = "fit-content"; = "break-word"; = "normal";});})();

@shaping-horizons, you can copy this code into a browser-bookmark.

When you are on the Baserow gallery view in your browser, click the bookmark and it will show all of the text in all of the text fields.

This is a temporary workaround. If they change the underlying code it could break. But its better than nothing.

The issue with that fix, is that it will break some core functionality of the gallery view.

We use the height of the card to determine how many cards are currently visible. We need that information to correctly fetch more cards when you scroll for example.

We don’t just load all the cards on page load, we just load a few of them and continue lazy loading while you scroll, this allows Baserow to be as performant as it is.

So be careful, this fix might impact your performance, but if you can live with that you can of course use the workaround!


@Alex or @baserow.rvor6 o you have any clue whether some line of code could be added to showcase the information if someone scrolls over the card or something similar? Or do you have any other idea to show the information of the cards when the input is longer than the current truncated length?

Hey, I don’t think we usually recommend to add some in-line scripts to bookmarks for example since it might mess with the current or future versions of Baserow.

We will discuss internally with our UX designer what the best approach would be to make this information available without destroying existing core functionality.