GDPR and Data Storage

Hi! I cannot find any information about where your servers are based (if you use the hosted version)? I ask this because I work at a university and if we would recommend using baserow to our researchers as a data management tool, we have to be sure it’s GDPR compliant and appropriate to store personal data. Is this information available somewhere on the website? Perhaps I’m looking over it. Thanks!

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Here you can probably find part of the information you want.

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Thanks! But doesn’t really answer my question about data storage, for us it’s important that this is in Europe :slight_smile:

Hey @laumes . I can confirm that the servers for the managed version on are currently hosted in Europe.

Hey @laumes! We’re working on a post describing the security measures we take in Baserow (covering the data storage principles), and as soon as it’s ready we’ll publish it here in the community forum.

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@olgatrykush was this published somewhere already? Would love to see location of Basedow servers too

Hey @shaping-horizons, the post has not been published yet. But we’ve added to the FAQ section, info on where the Baserow servers are located.


More than the server location, I’d like to know who’s the company hosting servers, as it’s the important point for the GDPR (location has usually few impacts).

And, of course, the best would be to have the full list of subprocessors :wink:

Hello @florianbriand, first of all, welcome to Baserow :wave:

We heard you! And as we see a lot of interest in this topic, we will prioritize working on the explanation post.

+1 to this! A total game changer if no transfers outside EU and no need for SCC :star_struck:

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I need the list of subprocessors and an if US-based cloud service is in use how Baserow protect personal data