Generate prefilled url

I had a thought - Google Forms has a lovely “generate prefilled url” feature. Where you can fill a form, and then press the button, and it will automatically make the link for you. This would be a lot easier than manually creating the link as it is now

Perhaps this could be implemented?

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This sounds like a great feature idea, so I moved it here as a new topic. We’ll discuss it with the team and I’ll publish an update afterwards. Thanks Riz :raised_hands:

Hello @Riz, this feature request has been accepted. We have noticed that many people find it hard to build prefilled URLs, so it will be a very useful addition. Thank you for bringing this up. :heart_hands:


I needed a prefilled link today and decided to build a simple link generator using Appsmith. Just paste in the form link, then add the field names and values you want to fill.

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Wow, this is amazing, @joseph_appsmith! Thank you! :heart_hands:

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This is fantastic news! Thanks for for being such a responsive and involved team