GET Request in self hosted limitations?

Can I get more records as 200 in the self hosted version? In the public version is a limitation to get over the api max 200 records.

Hi @Magicnetworks,

There are some configurable settings that you might be able to override, but can you tell us first what API endpoints do you have in mind specifically?

I want to connect appsmith with Baserow, 200 records is a bit low. Where do I set this, I have a cloudron Baserow installation.

?? is there a solution?

The maximum amount of rows that can be fetched per request is currently 200. This is a configurable setting if you’re self hosting, although you would need to extend the Baserow settings. Would it be a solution for you if this setting is configurable via environment variables?

No idea where to find the environment variables. I would just like to set it somewhere. Can also set it in any configuration files? Just want to know where I can set it.

Currently, the row limit setting is stored in this file backend/src/baserow/config/settings/ · develop · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab, where you find the ROW_PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT setting on line 390. You must somehow find a way to override it, but you might need to have some specific technical knowledge to do the right way. This also depends on how you self host.

The easiest way for you would be if we made a small change here, so that it can be configured via environment variables. Before we make this change, I would like to know whether this would be an acceptable solution for you.

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yes that would be a good solution. how can i address the environment variables.

You can change the limit by adjusting this line:

ROW_PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT = 200  # How many rows can be requested at once.

In backend/src/baserow/config/settings/

To source the value from env var add this below that declaration:

if "ROW_PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT" in os.environ:

Please note that if you want to run Baserow inside a container you will have to build your own image (you can’t use the official ones).

I can’t edit this file, I use the cloudron Baserow installation. It’s too bad that I can get only 200 records. So I have to install a Baserow installation without cloudron. But the problem is, it is too difficult for me to install it on my own server. it would be very helpful if we had a real tutorial.

@Magicnetworks this will be easily configurable using an environment variable in the next release of Baserow, see this issue for more details:

Have the max request page size set via an env variable (#436) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab

Once Baserow 1.10 is released and cloudron has updated you will be able to set this in the settings of your cloudron Baserow app.