Git pull...docker compose for update

Dear Baserowers,
where do I execute the git pull command from (what directory) in order to upgrade the system to a newer version if I have the Baserow installed using docker compose?

I’m sure it’s not from the directory where the docker-compose.yml is located.

Since I’m doing it first time, I have therefore no ideas :slight_smile:


Ok, solved it in a different way since somehow git pull didn’t work for me out:

Created a documentation for myself on how to update Baserow:

  • Backup Baserow

  • Rundocker compose down as root from /home/user/baserow

  • Manually change the version of the desired Baserow version in the docker-compose.yml file for all the services: nano /home/user/baserow/docker-compose.yml

  • Make sure all other services also have appropriate versions adapted in the docker-compose.yml file that go along with the target Baserow version. All versions of the services can be found here:

  • Run docker compose up --build

  • Check the system for functionality. Restore from backup, if the system does not work properly.

@taubers, thank you for publishing how you managed to resolve your problem. We appreciate it. :blue_heart:

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