Global search in the interface?

Hi There,

New to Baserow, and have build a DB and everything seems well so far and quite like the product. The only issue that I am having is that my users need to be able to find a value without knowing on which table it is. And I haven’t been able to figure out if there’s a way to do this.
I can see that it is simple enough to search within each tables, but I am after some sort of a global search on the dasboard for example?
I moved from Airtable because their search is somewhat pathetic, slow and not very useful. The search at table level is good with Baserow so I am hopping for the best and that there is a global search somewhere and have not found it. :slight_smile:

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Hello @arno, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Happy to hear your positive feedback! Unfortunately, the global search is not available yet in Baserow, but we have plans to build it. Currently, the search works for a specific table.

Thank you, Olga.
Is there some sort of a rough timeline available or priority?


Hey @arno, will check on this question :ok_hand:

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Hello @arno, I’ve checked with the team on the ETA of this request, and unfortunately, it has a very low priority for now. I’ll move this your request to the category Feature Ideas, and if we have other people asking about this feature, we will try to prioritize the development of it :raised_hands:

Thank you for the update @olgatrykush