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I want to use Baserow for non-devs users, and they worry about the editing feature.

Their concern is about the full view :

They need to edit / view all lines one by one to validate it.

A cool feature would be to have a Next/Previous button at the button or top of the page view, allowing users to jump from one page to the next until it’s over.

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Hey @dynnammo :wave:

Could you elaborate a bit more as to why there’s a “worry” with the full row view? What’s the concern about opening up the full row view?

It’d also be helpful to get some clarification on terms, just to make sure we’re on the same page:

  • “lines” = fields
  • “page” = full row view

Does this sound about right? :slight_smile:

Sound perfect comrade.

Worry may not be the appropriate word, so I’ll rephrase the need. The purpose would be to use baserow as a tool for managing proposals of a participatory budget organized by a public institution (city as instance)

Each page represents an idea of budget : name, description, cost, status (evaluating, refused or accepted) etc.

As they want to improve their capacity to answer each idea on time, they would like to annotate each proposal one after another. So basically John Doe, civil servant of the city of X open up its browser, go to a subview of the database and see (thanks to wonderful Baserow filters) that 9 proposals have not been evaluated (status = not evaluated).

The need is the following, when clicking on the first proposal, the page opens with all informations and comments on the right side. He’s reading the proposal, see that the proposal respects the criterias, so he change the status to evaluated and add some comments about the validation. Next is what the feature I describe consist of : when finishing the review of this proposal, he wants to analyze the next one. As of today, the only way to do so is to quit the current page, and click on the next in the list. What would be awesome is 2 buttons ←/→ in the current page to jump to the next proposal without having to quit the page and click the next one.

Is it clearer ?


Hello @dynnammo! Thanks for clarifying your idea. That’s a great suggestion and a very useful feature request. We’ll try our best to make it live in Baserow 1.12 :raised_hands:


Hey there !

Didn’t react when it was done but warm thanks for this feature, it helps a lot !

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Hey @dynnammo! If I remember correctly, @Alex was working on this feature!

Thanks for sharing your idea :raised_hands: