Grid in iFrame is not displayed correctly

Hello, i’m starting with Baserow yesterday.
I have created and share a grid.
Now I want to integrate the grid in an html page with iframe
That worked too
But: the fields cannot be clicked on, filters cannot be set. It’s all static
Here is a code snippet

<div id="boxtop_baserow">
<iframe src=""
frame border="0"

and here the link: Registre R5 Turbo
If I use the link to the grid directly, everything works
Where is the mistake? Thanks for your tips

EDIT: The link to Baserow in the iFrame is enabled. All other elements are disabled

@Claude I’m able to set filters on that link you provided?

However, right now the link that you get from sharing a grid view publicly is read only, users with that link/iframe using that link wont be able to edit the actual data.

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Hello, the data should of course not be editable, but the user should be able to set filters and click on the small rectangle on the left (after the ID) to be able to view the entire data set, and of course the image
This is possible here
But not in the iFrame

I am able to do those things in the iframe, see the gif below:


Perhaps you have a browser extension which is limiting the iframe in some manner?

What browser/operating system are you using?

I’m using Chrome with Windows 11
I will try this with Edge …

EDIT: Yes, it works with Edge !!! :slight_smile:
I have to look the problem with Chrome

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It might also be a bug with Baserow on Chrome in windows, but i’d first try chrome in private mode to disable your extensions if any to check.

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Yes, it works in private mode.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hello, Problem was that “block third-party cookies” was activated. After deactivation it works
Best regards