Grouping does not always contain all items in one place

Yesterday was the 1.22.0 version released and has many cool features! Thanks for that!

I’m playing with the grouping and wonder why group sorting does not always contain all items in one place, but for some entries really creates 2 separate lists, while no other filters or sorting was enabled:

Is says “39”, but they are spread in 2 parts

Hello @taubers,

Thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide more details about how your table is structured and how we can reproduce this issue?


The table is grid view with several columns - some take info from other tables using lookup, some are linked to other tables. But the displayed problem is with the grouping of the first/main column called “Status”. All statuses are properly structured, but one type which contains 2 entries (multiple select) is the only problematic one that splits it’s results in 2 portions.

Maybe we need to set up a call to show it real-time.

I believe we have discovered a way to reproduce it here: Group by dividers is not shown if the value doesn't change between different groups (#2189) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab. Is this the issue you are experiencing?

I’m not sure about that. The count is right. It’s only that it divides the records in 2 blocks. Maybe if that bug is fixed, the problem disappears on my side also. As I see that with the minor update of 1.22.1 the issue still persists.