Have multi-page form feed data to same row of table. Use {row_ID}


We have a multi-page form where we use form URLs to connect the pages of the form. In other words, when the user Submits page 1, the user is taken to page 2, and so on.

Currently, each page of the form creates a new row in the table.

I realize we could put all of the questions on one form. However, that would be a very long form with a decent chance the user would lose data before hitting submit. We could also create separate tables for each form, then link the relevant fields into a view. That seems like it would involve rather a lot of tables for a small number of fields.

There is an instruction at the bottom of the page when creating a form “Use {row_id} to include the newly created row id in the URL.” Could this be used to have our multi-page form put all the data in the same row? If so, could you please explain how to do that, maybe show an example? We have tried a few things with no luck.


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Hey there :slight_smile:

As far as I know you can’t do that out of the box.

My understanding of that {row_id} feature is that you can use that to for example reroute a user after submission to your own website that you have connected with Baserow and then show them what they have just submitted. (that’s just one example of what you could do with that parameter).

When you submit a form itself, there is inbuilt logic in Baserow that will create a new row with the submitted data, I think that is unavoidable for a SaaS user.

Now if you really really really want to do this, you can technically use webhooks to programatically merge entries when they get added to your table but that would be a very technical solution and also very hacky imo.
If the above is something you would consider anyway let me know and I can elaborate more on it.

Hopefully that was a little helpful!

@bram feel free to add to this in case I have missed something.

Thank you, Alex! I appreciate the info.