Have you ever thought about creating a Marketplace on Baserow?

For example, Google has a marketplace so developers create integrations. Instead of the Google team create integrations with other systems, they are independent developers who create integrations with other systems for other independent developers or companies.

For example, I wanted to have these integrations here

  • Connect Baserow with Google Sheets(import/export)
  • Connect Baserow with Standard Notes(export)
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Yes, we are talking about this from time to time, although it is not an immediate priority.

Are you interested in being a developer and selling your extensions or are you asking just out of curiosity?


Yeah, I’m interested in developer and sell extensions.

That’s cool!

We definitely want to make it easier to create and share plugins, so stay tuned.


1. Concept

It would be interesting if this marketplace not only had plugins for Baserow - but… an area for open data! This could be done if Baserow supports a web apis marketplace!

For example, I could have open data about a list of movies and series! So I could tell people if they want this data or rather this movie database that I have and created… they can pay me to support this! This is interesting in movie systems or online catalogs where it is necessary to update a list of movies so that the users of that system have access or information.

2. What is open data?

Open data is data that anyone can access, use and share. Governments, businesses and individuals can use open data to bring about social, economic and environmental benefits." - reference

3. Who can benefit from Baserow’s web apis marketplace?

Developers, academics, data scientists, society at large, entrepreneurs, government

4. Who could pay to have this service?

We can say that developers because they have to have updated systems with certain input data, entrepreneurs because they want updated reports about their companies, data scientists because they want to create or develop data analysis models

5. Is there any platform you can reference?

6. Notes

  1. The data is open, what you pay for is the support… so the market decides which data or which services are most essential to be supported
  2. This looks like the open-core model idea, part of the code is closed and part is open… in this case the data is open, but the support is paid

7. Reference

This is a great idea, I personally really like it! There would be definitely some challenges to solve but the ability for people to maintain open databases and others use them is great!

Also while creating an entire plugin would be super technical, creating & maintaining a database could be done by anyone, similar to templates.

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I like the idea of open data.

I guess if they can not pay you they can still us it because…

Like for my drugs information app i have also made an database from an American government institute. Don’t know the name at the moment. In America publications from the government are always free to use. The source were a number of pdf files where I copied and pasted the content into a Baserow database.


@Peter Hi! Here… some conceptual graphical interfaces

1. ui/ux

1.1 Marketplace for apis

1.2 Marketplace for table model

1.3 Marketplace for plugins

1.4. Marketplace for open-data

2. Ideas of the urls

3. Notes

  1. It’s just concepts, ideas
  2. Perhaps in the distant future there will be a market for apis, plugins, table models and open data in Baserow
  3. I would like to help the Baserow community - I would like to know the positives and negatives of this idea

4. References


@Peter @petrs @anon7289648 @olgatrykush This would be possible by adding a link to these blue donation buttons for example, adding a link to PayPal, stripe or whatever payment method would be a good idea to make this possible.

The only caveat is that the payment method PayPal or Stripe does not work for all countries, there are countries that it is difficult to make this type of transaction. Some alternatives could be maybe a bitcoin broker or some opencollective link if the person is very connected to open source, free market etc. Other alternatives could be WePay, Liberapay.

“In short, these means of payment could be offered: WePay, Liberapay, opencollective, PayPal, Patreon, BountySource, Stripe etc”

This would allow crowdfunding for people within the Baserow tool. In addition, it would allow for greater proximity to open data, making Baserow a reference in the information technology market in the sense of open data, data science, technology governance, disruptive technology, web3, etc.



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