Have you ever thought about using SQL in Baserow?


case 1

  1. “You cannot directly query an Airtable table, but you can use a view to accomplish the same goal. The best way to think about translating queries to Airtable is that each view contains (roughly) the output of a query on a single table.”

    • It would be a differential in Baserow, since Airtable does not offer this option.

case 2

  1. For example, in my case I know SQL and I wanted to do some sql queries in Baserow. This is very useful for people who have knowledge of databases, but use a no-code application.


What would be the use case?

Creating a view programmatically in SQL and not through UI?

Is there something that can’t be done through the UI? Or you think it would be quicker with a query builder?

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If you self-host Baserow, you can always easily query the PostgreSQL database anyways.

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  • Yeah, In this case… query builder.

We don’t have any real plans on introducing a query builder in Baserow, sorry! Our focus is more on a “no-code” interface where users don’t have to think about the database joins and so on.

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