Headers UI improvements

Hi, Baserow Team!

I’ve got three suggestions to improve the UI of Baserow regarding headers.

Very often, to save screen space, I have to reduce the width of a column to the minimum possible. A common result is that the full name of the column is no longer visible. It would be great if the full name could appear on hover, similar to what Airtable offers.

It would be cool to add a description for each column. This could be set from the context menu, and once set, an ‘i’ icon should appear. Hovering over this icon would then display the description tooltip. Would be super useful for the explanation of complex formulas and logic right inside the column) This feature is also available in Airtable.

Having the ability to wrap the header onto multiple lines would be very helpful. For instance, in Google Sheets, I regularly do this when the column name doesn’t fit within the cell.

I attach 2 screen record (1 from baserow and 1 from airtable) for better demonstration:
baserow - CleanShot 2023-12-14 at 22.01.41 · CleanShot Cloud
airtable - CleanShot 2023-12-14 at 22.10.45 · CleanShot Cloud

Hello @Alexander, great ideas! I’ve shared them with our Product Designer to check. I will keep you updated! :raised_hands:

Yes, this is really useful :+1:

I agree with these suggestions. Particularly header wrapping and field descriptions.

These are small-ish user interface change that could have non-small benefits to folks who are new to a given dataset and trying to interpret it, or just trying to quickly scan.

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Hello @Alexander, getting back to you with some uodates on the suggestions you shared:

This one was accepted: Show field name on hover if it doesn't fit in the field width (#2236) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

That’s also in our plans: Allow adding description per field (#2090) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

We love this idea, but unfortunately, we cannot implement this one because of how Baserow is built technically. :weary:

Hello! It’s great to know that you’ve agreed to two out of the three points. These two are, in fact, the most critical aspects among the three. Thanks!