Hello from New Zealand!

Kia Ora!

I’m a cloud security engineer from Wellington, New Zealand.

I love python and I build a lot of side projects using Django. I’m exploring integrating some of my projects with BaseRow so I can surface and manage data without having to build a UI (UI / frontend is definitely not my forte).

You can ask me about DevOps and security related things, I’m also not bad with python and Django. I’m hoping to contribute some improvements to the BaseRow container image (Dockerfile) as I’ve slimmed it down for my own use.

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Welcome, Olly :wave:

Since you’re into security, which password manager do you use? :eyes:

Hello and a warm welcome to the community, @OllyTheNinja! :wave:

Personally or professionally? :grin:

Personally I’ve been around the block, currently BitWarden fits my needs best and supporting an open source project is great!

Professionally 1Password is my pick, has a bunch of great “enterprise grade” features for teams and organizations, they recently added SSO support too and the pricing is reasonable.

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