Help regarding rows number

I don’t know why this happened, I only requested for creating a row. But in dashboard the row number shows different wrong. I don’t know about this. If anyone know please help me.
This is the first image

This is the last data image

Hello @shubham :wave:

Could you please provide more details about how you are running Baserow? Are you self-hosting it? If so, which deployment method are you using? Did you create these rows manually, by importing data, or through the API?

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Hi @olgatrykush thanks for your valuable reply. And also thanks to baserow for their great platform💙.

I am used this extension created by @oseamiya that is open source and easy to use. I am using baserow hosted version (free plan). I created a app using app inventor in which I used baserow for login or signup. Each row is assigned to different users and their row number is contains all information regarding users in different columns.
Each new users need to register herself on app. But after checking database deeply I found there is gap of 33 rows 3 times my whole database.
First gap is from 217 to 250, 2nd is 269 to 302, 325 to 258 and fourth gap is from 578 to 1053 (475) Rows. I used API and same method for creating row. I don’t have any idea about this. And this creates a big issues for identifying users with their assigned rows. Please help me

Hi @shubham, the number that you’re seeing in the left column is actually the row ID. When a row is created, it will receive a unique ID, and that one will never be reused again. If you, for example, create 5 new rows, and you delete those, then the IDs that those rows had will never be used again, and can result in a gap in the left sidebar. It’s also possible to change the order of the rows, resulting in them not being sequential anymore.

If you prefer to see a sequential count, then you can change that by clicking on the icon above the IDs. See the video below for example:

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Hi @bram thanks for your valuable information.

But I also want to tell you that I have not deleted anything raw. Just only created raw using api through this extension.
I don’t know where is the main issue, in extension or in app inventor blocks code ?
I checked the blocks everything is OK.


Somehow, those rows are just not visible. It can also be because you have a filters or sorts active.

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Thanks for your help dear @bram & @olgatrykush :blue_heart::blue_heart: