Help understanding "search" and "filter" in javascript

I am trying to retrieve a list of rows from a table. I am using plain javascript API in a browser, along the lines of “
But this doesn’t work.
My table has a boolean field called “Active” and some of the records are active, and some are not (based on placing the check in the “Active” box via the Baserow Grid UI. I don’t see an API search example in the API documentation. I was just wondering if there is an example out there I could look at.

P.S. I am authenticating properly. All rows are retrieved (JSON), regardless of whether they are “Active” or not.

Hi @PTK,

First of all, welcome to the Baserow community. In order to filter the rows on the active state of a boolean field, you need to add a different query parameter. The filtering is the last part that doesn’t support the user_field_names=true, so you need to provide the field id. The URL including the right query parameters would look like this: You must of course replace YOUR_FIELD_ID with the actual field id. You can find your field id in the API docs at REST API documentation // Baserow.

Let me know if it doesn’t work, I’m happy to help!


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Also here is the issue tracking adding the filter__actual_field_name__boolean=true feature Support user_field_names for the list rows endpoint's filter__{field}__{filter} filter mechanism (#510) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab :slight_smile:

Good that you mention that here @nigel. We should implement that in 1.8!

Unsurprisingly, this worked perfectly. Thank you!