Help with remote access (using a tailscale VPN)

Hey people

I need your help with something

I’m trying to configure my container (baserow) to (I’m using Fedora) to have access with localhost (to work at home) and with a VPN IP by tailscale.

I did the first configuration, following the steps, putting my IP (wifi) and the VPN IP.

I did!

I have access to my baserow container by my PC, and I also have access by my others PCs when they are in the same network (wifi).

The big question is:

When I’m out, and I am connect the VPN in My macchines, I can access (out home) only the login page. And when I filled it with my credentials, appears the following message “Network error
Could not connect to the API server”

What I can do to fix it and access my container out home?

Best wishes


Hi @caiopriorisantos, have you seen the documentation BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL in the docs here Install with Docker // Baserow? If so, does the URL in your browser match that one?

Hey Bram

Yes I have seen the documentation and I tried something like that

docker run
-d --name my_name_baserow
-v baserow_data:/baserow/data
-p My_Ip:80:80
-p VPN_IP:80:80
-p My_Ip:443:443
-p VPN_IP:443:443
–restart unless-stopped

I also give authorizations for this doors, and IPs, with UFW

It works in my home network, but out home it does not work. I can access the login page, with the VPN_IP but the message appears “Network error
Could not connect to the API server”

I think I almost there but I dont know how I can fix