Heroku Unable To Connect

I have set up my Heroku with the Baserow template, and I have changed the https://YOUR_APP_NAME.herokuapp.com in BASEROW_PUBLIC_URL to the actual Heroku app URL.

Yet still each time I log in to the app, it continuously shows:
“Reconnecting with server”

After a few minutes it changes to:
Failed. Connection to the server has failed. Please refresh the page.

I am using a Basic Dyno

Hey @Emily ,

The basic dyno only offers 512 MB of RAM which is not a whole lot.

We suspect that this limit may cause some of our workers not being able to start since they can’t reserve the memory they require.

To confirm that this is the issue, can you increase your dyno to a higher tier that has more RAM?

Reading the documentation it looks like Standard-2X and Performance-M have increased RAM capacity.

Could you change your dyno to one of those and see if it fixes your problem?

Also please make sure you haven’t overwritten BASEROW_RUN_MINIMAL in your environment variables.

All fixed, thank you! Just had to increase our Dyno