Hide the powered by baserow logo when we are sponsor?


Do you think it migh be possible for you to add an swith that remove the “powered by Baserow”?

I mostly use your form to replace the forms in webflow as I need to control the data location.

Thank you

Hey @ozzz! We may consider the idea to allow removing the Baserow branding in the Premium or Enterprise versions. Let us talk regarding this point with the team, I’ll get back to you soon!

I want branding removed from forms as well. Honestly I think your self hosted version should be able to be brand free. Being open sourced, it would be nice to have.

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We understand your point, and this topic will be discussed with the whole team. I’ll share the update as soon as I have some news.

Thank you. Looking forward to being able to at least have another option. Run some ads if you want more exposure. Don’t try to strong arm your current user base.

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