Highlighting the edited row

Here is just another small tip how to enhance the table UI: it would be nice and useful, if the edited row could be somehow highligted (the whole row, not cust the edited cell in it).
It can be done by framing it with a light blue color, lighter than a fram around the edited cell (and this one cand be a little bit darker, but not necessary).

F.e. if I have a table with many columns, editing let’s say first or second column, but need to focus on f.e. 8th or 9th column and browse between rows, then having the edited (active) row would be visually very helpful.

Hello @marcus, that sounds like a great idea! I have shared your suggestion with our product designer, and Michał will consider how better to implement it. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

My baserow-derived product (https://www.vocab.ai/) allows collaborative note taking during online lessons. I would love to see which cell or row the teacher has selected, and the ultimate feature would be a typing indicator similar to what you see on instant messengers such as telegram. It would just be another message on the websocket. Not hugely resource intensive, but the feeling would be hugely premium from the end user’s perspective.

Noted! Thanks for explaining your use case. :raised_hands:

Hey @marcus, this request has been accepted. We all agreed that it will be a very useful improvement for our users.

@lucw, we also think it’s a great idea to highlight rows where collaborators work. This request was also accepted.

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Great! And highlighting also the row where collaborators work is alfo a nice one! Of course it should look a little different from the row highlight where I am working. Maybe different color. I prefer highlighting by thin colored frame, not the fill (as the fill is already used by another function - Color).
And one more tip: if speaking about collaborators highlighted rows, then there could be also collaborators name in the top right corner of the row and cell edited by him. See my concept attached here. What do you think about it?


These are very good points, thank you @marcus!