Hitting the baserow api about 1000 times a minute

I am using N8N to hit the Baserow and log every time someone updates their account in Zoho. This log is meant to be the queue for another API which appropriately processes the updates across other services…

So we are hitting this log about 1000 times a minute during spikes. And from what I can tell Baserow is having difficulty processing so many requests. Any ideas on how to speed up Baserow?

Baserow, and N8N are self hosted on Cloudron

Hey @roofboard , are you using Baserow 1.10.0?

The first thing you could try is setting the BASEROW_AMOUNT_OF_GUNICORN_WORKERS to a larger value, it defaults to 3.

Secondly are you able to provide any resource usage graphs of Baserow during these peaks showing cpu/memory usage? And the same for the postgres provided by cloudron and used by Baserow (if available).

Could you give more details on how exactly you are interacting with Baserow using n8n? Are the majority of these requests just row reads or are they writes also?

I believe the current n8n Baserow integration is non-optimal also and could be causing performance issues. Specifically I believe every time n8n fetches rows from Baserow it runs a separate request to get all the field metadata. This isn’t needed anymore due to the new user_field_names flag, however this would require a change to the n8n Baserow integration to fix.

Hi @nigel
That worked perfectly! Thanks os much In cloudron to set the env variable I had to install the cloudron cli and run the command cloudron env set --app baserow.draglabs.com BASEROW_AMOUNT_OF_GUNICORN_WORKERS=9


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