Host attachment on S3?

Newbie here. Just start reading documentation and forum. Still trying to install on aws ec2 ubuntu based on documentation.

Wondering is there any options to store attachment on aws s3 or any other provider such as gcp cloud storage, sirv, or cloudinary?

Hi @niwasmala, welcome to the Baserow community! If you’re using the manual steps via Ubuntu, it’s going to involve quite some steps to host your files on AWS S3. You would need to extend the settings, install boto3. It can become quite some additional steps and we don’t have any documentation for this. I’ve created an issue on the backlog that would make this much easier by just changing some environment variables, but we still need to complete this. You can track the progress here Media files on S3 by configuring environment variables (#694) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

On another note, it is possible to do this if you’re self hosting via Heroku. More information can be found here Installation on Heroku // Baserow.

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