How Baserow is used for managing community stuff?

Let me go the first with the use cases :point_down:

1 β€” Description
Trying to keep track of all community questions got complicated fast. So I decided to create a simple database where I add all the requests that are needed to be discussed with the team altogether. I sort them all by the types β€” is it a bug, feature request, reference, feedback on the exciting feature, or just a case that needs help. It’s important for me to be sure every community feedback is commented on from the team side, and by keeping all information organized I’m aware of the status of every request β€” does the user wait for our help, need an update after the feature is ready, or is waiting for the comment rather his feedback will be implemented or not.

As you can see there are a lot of details that I try to monitor and Baserow is really handy in my case! I plan to automate a few things in this table β€” will share the results afterward :innocent:

2 β€” Tags
Community; Marketing; Product.

3 β€” Screenshots

4 β€” Kudos
I want to thank our community for being generous with the feature requests, so I have what to fill into this table, and the whole team has what to work on for the next few years :sweat_smile:

There are plenty of different use cases, you literally can use Baserow for anything. And, now it’s your turn, how are you guys using databases to make your life/work easier?


Should we… turn this into a template? :grin:


Why not! Let me polish this database with some automation and then it’s all yours :sweat_smile:

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