How do you see the future of workflow automation?

How do you see the future of workflow automation?

AI (artificial intelligence) will play a HUGE role in the future of automation.

Apps like OpenAI, ChatGPT, etc. are already augmenting the ability to integrate, automate, and code better/faster.

I expect every app to have native AI.

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Do you expect that AI will build the entire workflow for the user? So for example, if you type “Send an email to after a row has been created in the signup table in Baserow where the name value is equal to test”, that it will actually generate a workflow that does this?

Yes and no.

AI can only do as much as it’s supplied, and some of that depends on how well the prompt is structured. (Obviously this will improve over time.)

For example, you may still need to do some manual prep/config/adjustments to get the AI generated automation to work correctly. (e.g. provide API keys, etc.)

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