How is the 3000 row limit achieved on hosted instances?

I want to restrict the number of rows on my self-hosted instances. How can this be done ? I couldn’t find any traces on this limitation in the baserow public repo.

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Hey There :slight_smile:

At Baserow we have 2 repositories. One is the open source Baserow repository, which is the one you can use for self hosting and which we use as well in our SaaS solution.

But we also have another repository, which is the one that extends Baserows with additional features which are only relevant for our SaaS solution. For example, if you go on you first see a landing page with information about Baserow and our pricing and so on, all of that is part of our SaaS repository as well.

Buying a premium subscription and adding quotas is something we have considered to be only relevant for our SaaS solution and therefore we didn’t add it to the public Baserow Repository.