How the deletion of account/data works in Baserow?

I want to ask .
If i have an account on baserow and this account is linked with an application that displays data from the database? Then i delete the account that linked with baserow database(thats mean i cant login again to the baserow database website) the questio. Can anyone else have a similar api number and the same table number on baserow and take the data of a previous user who lost their account ??
or api and table id is unique even user deleted his account ?
because if i delete baserow account the app still recieve data from api and table id
Will a user in the future get the same api and table id and become display in my app or modify my app’s data through baserow ?
Is there a solution to this because my application displays the data of the deleted account in baserow,
Are these problems solved and the company is aware of them to prevent data interference and to have the process of choosing api and table id not random??

@olgatrykush please .

Hello @Mohammad733! Tagging @bram to help out here :raised_hands:

iam asking because i delete an account that i linked it with app …
the app still recieve data from deleted baserow account.
it is not a big problem
but i hope still recieve same data or not showing any data in the future
Because I am afraid that with time the table ID and API will be transferred to another user (in basaerow) and his data in my application will become visible to everyone!!
Does this happen?
Or is there a way to recover an account on baserow that was deleted from gmail not from baserow

Hey @Mohammad733, if you delete your account, it will not be deleted immediately. There is a 30 day period before your account is permanently deleted. If you sign in within 30 days, your account is activated again. If you don’t sign, it will be permanently deleted.

When your account is permanently deleted and you’re the only one who has access to the workspace, database or table, it also be permanently deleted. If there are others who have also access to the workspace, it will not be permanently deleted.

During those 30 days, it’s still possible to access your data via the API because your account technically still exist.

The workspace, database or table ID will never be reused. If someone creates a new table, it will always have a unique, non used before, ID. If you want revoke access, I recommend deleting your API tokens, databases and tables, and then delete your account.

Thanks, I just wanted to make sure that the ID is repeated if a user deletes his account.
but in my case iam sure that my account i delete it by google since 2 month and the app still recieve data.

How can I restore a table id that was deleted several months ago in baserow Very necessary


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Hey @bram, is that possible?

Hi @Mohammad733, can you elaborate a bit more on how the table was deleted, whether it was permanently deleted and if you just need to restore/reuse the ID or all the data related to the table?

If the table was permanently deleted 3 months ago, then we can’t restore the data for you. It is also not possible for a new table to reclaim an existing table ID.

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Yes i want to restore table was deleted
And i have the id for that table I hope you can help me

I assume you’re talking about the hosted version of Baserow at It is unfortunately not possible to recover the deleted table. We have a point in time recovery system that allows us to recover permanently deleted things for up to 7 days. Your table was deleted 3 months ago.

Can i restore rows that deleted more than 3 months from table id i have it now ?

If your table was permanently deleted, then your rows, views, filters, etc have been permanently deleted as well.

No i mean just the rows deleted from the table in more than 3 months

Ah, I see. The rows that have been deleted from a table remain in the trash for 72 hours. After that, they’re permanently deleted. By default, this limit is 72 hours, but it can be increased if you would self-host Baserow.