How to automate article generation with Baserow, Make, and OpenAI

Do you feel stuck when writing your blog post? AI can help! Using Baserow, Make, and OpenAI, you can automatically transform article titles into full-length blog posts. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Set up your Baserow database
  2. Define the necessary fields
  3. Create a database token
  4. Generate an OpenAI API key
  5. Set up a webhook as a trigger
  6. Create a webhook in Baserow when a row is updated
  7. Add OpenAI module to draft
  8. Add the Baserow module to update rows
  9. Test & schedule the Make scenario

Get all the details here and say goodbye to writer’s block!

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I like this the best

Still, it is helpful to carefully assess its effects and make sure that people continue to play a crucial role in business processes. While some processes may be automated, like with any new technology, people still play an essential part in designing, deploying, and maintaining these systems.

I have noticed multiple times that OpenAI delivers content that is false. It all depends on the fact if there is enough data on the subject present in the database. So for certain subjects the result should always be double checked.