How to Bulk Insert Data into Multiple Select Column

Hello Everyone!

I have a list of 12452 rows and I need to insert them as Options in the Multiple Select column.

I’ve already tested it by doing the following:

1 - Copy and paste.
2- Import file (CSV File)
3 - Taking a sample of 10 lines and joining them in the same cell separating them with a comma.

None of the options worked.

Does anyone have a solution?

Hey @Kaique

You could try inserting all your data into a text field column and then converting that to a multiple select field.


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thanks for your help

however, I tried to do this.

But it is only possible with 10 Options at a time.

I need to add 12453 options. =(

Hey @Kaique ,

If you want 10k+ options for a multiple select field you probably shouldn’t be using a multiple select field.

Instead it would make more sense to create a table where each row represents one multiple select option. Then you link to that table from your existing table and use a Link Row Field to select the options that you want for each of your rows.

The steps are:

  1. make another table which will have row per “option” using the CSV importer and a CSV with all of the distinct options. The primary field (first field) should be the name of the option.
  2. Setup new table
  3. Add a link to row field pointing at the “options” table
  4. Import CSV into this new table

Note that for step 4 you will have to import into an existing table, not create a new table using the CSV.


thank you very much, Alex.

This solves my case.