How to calculate number of rows in current view/table

This is probably super simple but I can’t seem to work it out. Is there a way to get this data so I can concatenate it in a field with the current row, e.g. Priority 3 / 16 (where 3 is the current row and 16 is the total number of rows)?

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Hey @skele,

I don’t think this is possible via formulas at the moment.

@nigel please confirm :slightly_smiling_face:

Depending on what the use case is, you could use aggregation that will be displayed on the bottom of the table grid (e.g. the count or the count of unique values), but probably not possible to use it in the field itself.

If you are building an app on top of Baserow then you could grab that aggregation and use it to format your string like you want.

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